Visa Bulletin for 2014 DV Lottery winners.

Visa Bulletin from the U.S State Department used to carry the advanced notice for the case numbers and cut out numbers for the winners of the 2014 dv lottery winners each month to see whether their case numbers are going to be current in the coming months. Visa Bulletin is provided as a monthly guide for those who had applied for the American visas and waiting for the interview schedule. In this visa bulletin there is a section for the diversity visa lottery winners who are selected under the program and allowed to apply for the U.S Immigration visas.

In this visa bulletin case numbers which are going to be current in the coming months will be published along with the cut out numbers by 6 geographical region wise. By this those Green card lottery winners can determine when their case numbers are ready for the interviews or ready for to apply to change their current U.S status to the LPR status, while they are remaining in the USA.

The visa bulletin section, some of the African countries used to have special notifications for their countries in the Africa region for the DV 2014 visa lottery winners while others will have the case numbers in the region wise.

So if you are a DV-2014 visa lottery winner, you must check the Visa bulletin from the months of September till you get your case number in the current position or "CURRENT". If your case number is not announced and your region comes to "CURRENT" status, means that the available visas for your area is exhausted and you have to try your luck again in the coming American visa lottery program.

Reading the American visa bulletin.
If you find 20,030 as case number in the Africa region, it means those people in the Africa region who have case numbers up to 20,030 can expect their second letter to come within 2 weeks of time. Those Africa region people who have case number 20,031 or more must have to wait for the next coming visa bulletins in the coming months.

If there is case number 16,000 against Nigeria in the Africa region, then those DV Lottery winners in the Nigeria with case numbers up to 16,000 can expect the visa interview according to the visa bulletin of the given month. Those people in Nigeria with the case numbers of 16,001 and more must wait for the next visa bulletin to see their DV visa interview date.

If you are a DV-2014 visa lottery winner it is better for you to register with the American authorities to get their monthly visa bulletin to your email inbox.