Medical Examination For DV Winner.

U.S.A diversity visa lottery winners and their dependants (If there are any) must go for a medical examination as required by the US Embassy. The medical examination can't be done by any medical practitioner and it should be performed by a medical practitioner recommended by your country US Embassy. If you can visit the US Embassy they will provide you a list of medical practitioner's name list and addresses, from where you can do the medical examination.

Take note:

  1. The medical examination fee must be paid by you for yourself and for your dependants.
  2. You must provide the medical examination forms to the doctor along with your passport and photograph if necessary.
  3. The medical examination must be done once you had received the visa lottery interview letter (second letter).
  4. The American visas under the DV program will be withheld if you were found not fit in the medical examination.

If you are from any countries that don't process the DV visa lottery cases then you must do the medical examinations in the country where you are going to attend the visa interview.

The American visa lottery program will close officially on the date of 30th September. You must provide your medical examination before this date and fulfill the needs of the DV lottery requirements to get your visas. Other wise the visas may be refused for you according to the diversity visa program governing rules.