Diversity Visa Lottery Numbers.

8:02 AM 08/30/2017

American diversity visa program will start to accept entries in this year from those people who had seen them to be eligible to participate in this draw. Many people they can easily enter in to the USA by winning in this DV draw. But they don't know that this draw is covered by strict rules such as birth country eligibility, required education, applying with perfect image file, having the required medical certificate, Affidavit of support and many more are requested. Not caring for these can cause to lose their visa fees and the required visas to the USA. So check whether you meet the program's eligibility and fulfill all the draw requirements.

This American visa lottery program is called as green card lottery and in its instructions you can find words like confirmation number, case number and control number.

Let's check what these numbers are meant for in this DV-2019 and what are their their use in this draw.

Confirmation number.

Confirmation number of the American diversity visa lottery program used to be shown to each of the applicants whose entries had been successfully accepted by the U.S State Department website, when they had submitted their online entry form. In the Africa region many people call this confirmation code as passwords. With this confirmation number the entire applicants will be allowed to check their results individually online in the month of May 2018 to view their selection result for this draw.

Case number.

Control number.