DV 2014 Visa Lottery Numbers.

American diversity visa program DV - 2014 is a simple one for the people who are eligible to participate in it. What most people don't now is that the dv lottery program is covered by strict rules and it can cause them to loose their visa fees and the required visas to immigrate to the USA. In this American visa lottery program which is also called as green card lottery you can find words like confirmation number, case number and control number.
Ok let's se what are these numbers in the DV 2014 and what is their use for the DV-2014 visa lottery applicants.

Confirmation number.
Confirmation number is shown to each of the dv2014 visa lottery applicants once their dv lottery application for is successfully accepted by the U.S State Department web site during the application submission period. You can call it as the applicant's password. With this confirmation number the entire applicants will be allowed to check their results individually online in the month of May 2013 for to know their selection result for the American visa lottery program that did accepted entries in the year 2012.
DV 2014 case number consists of 16 digits.
It will be in this format: 2014xxxxxxxxxxxx
If you had lost or missed it then you are out of the dv 2014 visa lottery program.
No one can reissue the confirmation number to you.
The confirmation number is issued only once.
Any one who had played the DV 2014 visa lottery successfully will be issued with one case number in the computer screen display.

Case number.
Case number and confirmation number are different.
Those who are selected for the dv2014 visa lottery program will be given with one case number.
The first person selected for the visa lottery program will receive the number 1 and will be called for the interview first.
If a person is selected as the 100th winner he will receive the case number 100 and he will be called for the interview in the 100th place.
The case number will have the year 2014 in the first place followed by the selected person's region.
If a German born person was selected for the DV 2014 in the 102nd slot then his case number will be 2014EU0000102.
People will be called for the visa interview according to their case numbers and the lower case numbers will be called first and will follow the rank each month till the visas exhaust or till the program closes officially.
it is not sure that those people with the higher case numbers will be called for the visa interview as the visas may exhaust or the program ay close on the closing date.

Control number.
Control numbers can be seemed in the entry success page.
It doesn't have any importance in the DV 2014 visa lottery program.
Some fraud African visa lottery agents used to provide this to unsuspecting applicants as it is an important number or as case number.
There is no need to copy this control number in the DV 2014 visa lottery program, just ignore it.