DV 2011 Green Card Lottery.

DV 2011Green card lottery results were already sent to those selected winners all over the world through normal postal mail from the KCC, USA. At the KCC winners were selected through the computer random draw and they were announced as the Green card lottery winners from May 2010 till the end July 2010 for the fiscal year 2011.

All those greencard 2011 lottery applicants can check their status online from 1st of July 2010 onwards in the American Government's greencard lottery official web site till 30th June 2011. Nearly 100,600 eligible winners were selected through the computer random draw to issue the available 50,000 American PR visas. Green Card lottery 2011 program was opened to accept entries from the qualified and eligible people in October 2009 and was closed after 60 days of application submitting period. 2011 green card application forms were provided through the internet as E-DV entry form in the U.S Government's official web site.

Nearly 12.1 million people had participated in the 2011 Green Card lottery and the computers at the KCC had selected and informed 100,600 persons as winners.

2011 Green card lottery winners will be called for the visa interviews from 1st of October 2010 according to their case numbers and the 2011 green card lottery program will be closed on 30th September 2011. If the available visas are exhausted before the official closing date, then all the visa interviews will be cancelled and changing of status under the 2011 greencard lottery will also stopped. No one can benefit from the 2011 green card selection after the official closing date 30th September 2011.

Those who are staying in the U.S.A and if they were selected for the 2011Green card lottery program, they can contact the USCIS office to change their current U.S status to LPR status when their case numbers are current.

Winning a slot in the green card lottery will not give away the American dream card to you, but it will allow you to apply for the U.S immigrant visa following the normal visa application procedures. Also you must pay the required non refundable American visa fees and must attend the visa interview to obtain the American immigrant visa after proofing your eligibility.

At the visa interview you must proof your eligibility by your education/work experience, medical fitness, police clearance, background check and also will be required to provide an affidavit of support through the I-134 form from a person who should be an American citizen or legal American LPR holder.

Those who are not selected for the 2011 green card lottery program can apply for the coming 2012 green card lottery program in the year 2010.

The following is the statistical breakdown by foreign-state chargeability of those registered for the 2011 Green card lottery program in these countries:

  • GHANA - 6,002
  • NIGERIA - 6,000
  • UKRAINE - 6,000
  • BANGLADESH - 5,999
  • ETHIOPIA - 5,200
  • UZBEKISTAN - 5,091
  • KENYA - 4,689
  • EGYPT - 4,251
  • SIERRA LEONE - 3,911
  • CAMEROON - 3,674
  • CONGO - 2,575
  • TURKEY - 2,266
  • RUSSIA - 2,464
  • NEPAL - 2,189
  • GERMANY - 1,895