DV-2019 Application Form.

7:16 AM 11/18/2017

DV-2019 Application form (E-DV Entry) is now available as online application form in the official DV website. During the Application submission period eligible people can download the application form from the website. This American visa lottery application form is officially called as "E-DV Entry". Paper entries, advance entries or late entries will not be accepted by the US State Department.

This Program is designed to issue 50,000 American green cards under the fiscal year 2019 Green card program. The winners selection will be performed through the random computer name selection at the KCC, in the USA.

Eligible country born participants who meet the required eligibility can download the application form from the official website can fill and submit it back during the entry submission period. Those people who don't have the required eligibility were told not to participate in the draw.

Eligible Countries.

Persons born in Hong Kong SAR, Macau SAR and Taiwan are eligible with most of the countries, EXCEPT the following countries are not eligible to apply Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, China (mainland-born), Colombia, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Haiti, India, Jamaica, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, South Korea, United Kingdom (except Northern Ireland) and its dependent territories, and Vietnam.

An eligible person is allowed to submit ONLY one application form with his/her name as primary applicant, in any given year program. If anyone submits more than one entry as primary applicant, the system will report to them that their entry is matching an already submitted entry in the system.

The application form providing facility will be closed on 22nd November 2017. During this application form providing period you can visit the Official DV website to download, fill and to submit the application form back to the system. No fee will be charged to participate in this draw. You may have trouble in accessing the dv application form during the closing dates of the program as 14 millions of people try to access it in the final days.E-DV entry form is valid only for 60 minutes once it is downloaded from the website. It cannot be saved in your PC, laptop or in any device for to use it later. It is time limited one and it should be filled and to be submitted then and there. If you can't fill and submit it within the given time period, get a new application form and proceed with it.

There is no objection from the United States Government to use consultation service to submit your entry. Likewise you can get the paid service from U.S immigration attorney service providers to submit your entry form. But make sure to get your confirmation number from them.

Single person must play as a single applicant and there will be only one part of application form will be available for the single applicant. It is not necessary to be a married person to apply in this draw.

Married persons will have one more part for their spouse and eligible children. Add their photos and details in the application form according to their birth order. Those who have more than one spouse is not allowed to participate in this American visa lottery program.

Your image file (Photo) should be a new one that was taken within 6 months.

If it is filled perfectly and uploaded with acceptable photograph files you will get successfully accepted notification in the computer screen with your unique confirmation number. This confirmation number will work as password to check your results in the coming year 2018 for the dv-2019 visa lottery program.

Correcting The Submitted Information.

Once the page is successfully submitted and shown with the confirmation number, you can't correct the submitted information.

If you had been selected as a winner you will be requested to pay the visa processing fees of US$ 330 on the day of the interview to the US Embassy or consular office. If you are issued with the American immigrant visa then you will have to pay another processing fee of US$ 165 to the USCIS before they are issued with the Green Cards.

Never send money overseas, to get American diversity visa.

The American Government will not notify the selected DV Lottery winners through postal mail or E-mail.