DV-2014 Official Results.

Visa Bulletin

DV 2014 results were provided through the official web site. The result checking facility was opened on 01 May 2013. Those who had participated in the American visa lottery were asked to check their online selection results using their confirmation number in the web site till 30th September 2014. Now the results checking facility for the 2014 dv lottery program is closed forever.

As per the KCC request the entire participants who want to check their results in the official web site of the diversity visa lottery program, will be requested to enter their name, confirmation number and the year of birth. If the entered details are matching with the earlier submitted entry information, the web page will display whether you are selected for the program. There is no limit of the number of times for you to check your selection results in the online site.

Applicants were informed that there may be another little number of name selection in the month of October 2014, it is better to check your results once again in the results checking page in the month of October for the current program DV-2015.

2014 green card lottery results were not sent through email, postal mail, telephone or fax. If you get any dv lottery winner selection announcement through one of these method double check it as it may be a scam one.

If you are selected as a winner, follow the instructions given in the computer screen. If you found out that you are not selected in the 2016 green card lottery results then you can prepare yourself to apply for the next coming visa lottery program in the year 2015 through the DV-2017 program. If someone gives you a copy of the winning notification or a scanned copy don't believe it.

Ask them to show you the results in the web site after entering your confirmation number, name and year of birth while you are seeing it.

U.S Embassies or U.S Consular offices don't have the winners name list. So don't disturb them by requesting them for the winners name list of the diversity visa lottery program.

The confirmation number starts with 2015 or 2016 according to the fiscal year program and it used to have 16 digits (letters and number). If you miss even one digit of the confirmation number, it won't work during the result checking process.

Don't try to check your results on the very first day as there will be a big rush and it will be difficult for you to find the web site.

The 2016 results will be available to check from May 2015 till 30th September 2016.

So don't try to check the DV-2014 results any more as the checking facility section is closed permanently forever.

Check here.