DV Lottery 2013 - Green card lottery - Results.

DV 2013 (Green card lottery) results are now available in the official web site of the American dv lottery from May 2012 onwards. Each participant must check their DV-2013 results individually with their confirmation number. Those who are selected under the green card - DV lottery 2013 only will be shown with the winning notification along with their given case number and further instructions in the official web site when they check their status. KCC will do the selection and will handle all the other processing till the winners are called for the interview at their Embassies or ready to change their current US status to the U.S LPR status through the USCIS Office. Once the cases are handover to the Embassies or USCIS the KCC will not answer your personal quarries regarding your selection.

Those applicants who are not selected as winners for the DV-2013 visa lottery program can apply for the next coming American visa lottery program which is called as DV-2014 green card lottery and will accept entries from October till the beginning of November 2012.

Also the US State department had announced that there will be some more winners name selection for the DV2013 visa lottery program, so keep your confirmation number with you and check your results in the month of October 2012 to see whether you are selected for the DV2013 program or not.

The US Embassies or the U.S Consular offices don't have the DV lottery - green card lottery - winners name list with them. Only KCC will have the greencard lottery winner's name information that is selected for further processing. The KCC will provide email and or phone assistance to the selected winners, if they provide true information on their selection.

The DV Lottery (green card lottery) program which used to be conduct by the U.S Government, will allow those applicants to check their selection result in the US Government's Official web site. To check your result online you must have your confirmation code along with your personal information. If you provide the confirmation number and the required correct information, then the web site will show you the result as whether you are selected for the greencard lottery program to process further or not.

If you get any DV-2013 green card lottery results or winning notifications through postal mail, email, fax or by phone, verify the accuracy of it as there are plenty scammers, who are trying to cheat people to make money in the name of the US visa lottery.

Nepal and Albania post offices collected all the Green card - DV - lottery winners' names and published them for the benefit of their country people till the DV 2011 visa lottery program results. The Green card lottery winner's photos will not be published in the web sites. So don't search for the name list or photos of the Green card lottery winners in the web sites. If you make sure that you are not selected for the USA greencard visa lottery program then prepare your self to apply for the next coming visa lottery Green card lottery 2014 in 2012.

If your selection was rejected at the US visa interview for any strong reason, it is no use to reapply for the visa lottery program in the future.

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